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City council

Charlotte Gordon
Vice Mayor - 2nd Ward Councilwoman
Charlotte Gordon
Phone: (614) 378-5685 Email:
Mayor Sean Dunne
Mayor - 1st Ward Councilman
Mayor Sean Dunne
Phone: (740) 357-2629 Email:
Diana Ratliff
Portsmouth City Clerk
Diana Ratliff
Phone: 740-354-4706 Email:
Dennis Packard
6th Ward Councilman
Dennis Packard
Dennis Packard 6th Ward 740-352-3137   Dennis W. Packard BSN is currently at 34 years serving the...
Lyvette Barnes-Mosley
4th Ward Councilwoman
Lyvette Barnes-Mosley
Lyvette Mosley Portsmouth City 4th Ward Councilwoman Cellphone: 740-727-4948 Email:  
Andy Cole
3rd Ward Councilman
Andy Cole
3rd- Ward Councilman Phone: 740-353-1502 email: Andy Cole, Third Ward Council member Andy Cole was born...
Joey Sandlin
5th Ward Councilman
Joey Sandlin
5th Ward Councilman Joey Sandlin Phone: 740-222-5193 Email:

About Portsmouth City Council

Except as otherwise provided in the City’s Charter, all legislative powers of the City are vested in a Council consisting of one member nominated and elected to a four-year term from each of the six wards.

Each member of Council elected or appointed from a ward must have resided in that ward no less than six months and must have been a resident of the City for at least three years immediately preceding his election.


Date, Time & Location

  • Second and fourth Monday of each month
  • 6:00 pm
  • Council Chambers, Second Floor 728 Second St. Portsmouth, OH 45662

With the exception of executive sessions, meetings are open to the general public.

Legislative Sessions

The first meeting of the month is a legislative session. Its agenda provides citizens with two opportunities to address City Council. The first opportunity allows citizens to speak with regard to any item on the agenda. The second opportunity allows citizens to speak with regard to any item not on the agenda. These opportunities to speak are limited to five minutes per speaker.

Work Conference Session

The second meeting is a work conference session. This meeting provides an opportunity for City administration to make requests to the Council with regard to legislation that is needed to conduct the business of the City.


The Council’s duties include the following:

  • Adhere to the Council Rules as agreed upon in the Organizational meeting, Robert Rules of Order and the Sunshine Laws.
  • Inquire into the conduct of the City Manager and City Clerk of the City of Portsmouth and make investigations as to municipal affairs.
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager, provide for public hearings on the draft of an appropriation ordinance based on the budget within 10 days after its receipt, after which the proposed appropriation ordinance may be changed or amended by the Council and:
    • Take the same course
    • Be subject to the same procedure in the Council as other ordinances
    • Shall not be passed before the first meeting of the Council in January
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager and at the beginning of the fiscal year and before the annual appropriation ordinance has been passed, the Council, on written recommendation of the City Manager, may make appropriations for current City expenses, chargeable to the appropriations of the year when passed, sufficient to cover the necessary expenses of the City until the annual appropriation ordinance is in force
  • Either:
    • Transfer unencumbered balance of an appropriation to a purpose or object for which the appropriation for the current year has proved insufficient
    • Authorize transfer to be made between items appropriated for the same department or office
      • No such transfer shall be made of the income of earnings of any public utility owned by the City, and receiving no support from taxation to any other purpose than such utility
  • If at any time the total accruing revenue of the City shall be in excess of the total estimated income thereof and upon written recommendation from the City Manager, Council may appropriate such excess to such uses as will not conflict with any uses for which specifically such revenues accrued
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager, authorize alterations in work or improvement contracts, when extra work and materials are not provided for in the original contract
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager, establish a schedule of compensation for officers and employees in the classified service which shall provide uniform compensation for like service
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager, provide for the construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of all things in the nature of local improvements:
    • Provide for the payment of any part of the cost thereof by levying and collecting special assessments upon abutting, adjacent, and contiguous or other specially benefited property
  • Upon written recommendation of the City Manager, authorize construction or repair of certain specified sidewalks, curbing’s, or gutters.

2014 Organizational Booklet

This Organizational Booklet from your City Government gives a picture of each City Department Head along with the staff and a description of duties and services provided to the citizens of Portsmouth. Despite limited income and higher cost, the dedicated personnel in every office work hard to improve their services.

Applying the economic wisdom of long-term planning the City hopes to provide the most services possible for all citizens. Our future goals are to match or exceed the efficiency, services and economies of past years.

We are pleased to present to you, the Citizens of Portsmouth the workforce of the City of Portsmouth.

View the 2014 Organizational Booklet

Agendas, Minutes, and Audio Files

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the City Clerk by email or calling (740) 354-4706.