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City of Portsmouth, Income Tax Return Form




Additional City Tax Forms

  • Business and Professional Questionnaire This form is required to activate a new business account or update an existing account. Please complete and return the enclosed Business & Professional Questionnaire, as well as, notify your payroll tax preparer and Payroll Services provider of your Local Tax ID, as soon as it’s assigned by our office. Account # confirmation will be sent to you upon request via email:  An Account#/ Local Tax ID number MUST be noted on all withholding forms (Form W1) and future withholding payments submitted to Portsmouth City Tax or via Ohio Business Gateway to ensure that they are credited to your account.
  • W-1 Form – (EMPLOYER’S RETURN OF TAX WITHHELD) Rate change to 2.5%
  • W-3 Form – (EMPLOYER’S RECONCILIATION OF TAX WITHHELD) Rate change to 2.5%- COPIES of W-2s and Forms 1099 MUST accompany reconciliation.


  • Application for Refund– Bottom portion of Form MUST be completed by PAYROLL SUPERVISOR and W-2s must be attached before submitting to Portsmouth City Tax. Refund Applications are processed on the 15th of every month (or following business day, if it falls on the weekend).  Please ensure the correct mailing address is on the form and allow 4-6 weeks from processing date to receive payment. 


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