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City officials work collaboratively with state and federal agencies on local issues. Portsmouth City officials include city Manager, council members, mayor, city attorney and city controllers.


The Portsmouth City Council is the City’s legislative body. The popularly elected city council is responsible for enacting ordinances, imposing taxes, making appropriations, establishing policy, and hiring some city officials. The council adopts the local general plan, zoning, and subdivision ordinance.

The mission of the Portsmouth City Council is to provide, in a democratic and transparent manner, efficient and effective services which will make Portsmouth a better place in which to live, work and play.


Portsmouth City Manager, Sam Sutherland, is the Chief Administrative Officer for the city, providing executive leadership and representation on all matters concerning city government.

The duties and responsibilities of the City Manager are determined by the City Council in compliance with the City Charter and state statutes. Responsible for planning, directing, managing, and reviewing all activities and operations of the city; coordinates programs, services, and activities among city departments and outside agencies; ensures the financial integrity of the municipal organization; represents the city’s interests; provides highly responsible and complex policy advice and administrative support to the Mayor and City Council.

Typical Duties

• Comprehensive analyses of a wide range of municipal policies; prepare policy and procedural
proposals for review and adoption by the City Council.
• Attend all City Council meetings and workshops.
• Oversee the preparation of meeting agendas and supporting materials; present
recommendations to council; and respond to questions and direction from City Council.
• Direct/Oversee/Monitor the development and administration of the City’s budget; directs the
forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; controls
expenditures; and keeps the City Council fully informed on matters related to the financial
condition of the city.
• Authorize and oversee the administration of grant proposals ensuring all requirements for
funding and operations can be met within City policies.
• Execute deeds, deeds of trust, easements, releases, contracts and other instruments binding
the City to financial obligations.
• Responds to and resolves sensitive inquiries and complaints from both internal and external
• Responsible for the full range of supervisory activities including selection, training, evaluation,
counseling, and termination.
• Develop and maintain positive working relations with other local governments and
state/federal agencies.
• Develop and implement capital improvement and strategic plans for a wide range of municipal
• Research, analyze, and make recommendations for cost effective improvements in City

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