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(Geographical Information System)

This is where you will find various maps of the City of Portsmouth. A GIS is a computer-based system that enters, stores, manages, analyzes, and presents spatial (and associated nonspatial) data, combining databases and graphical operations to make a variety of products, from lists to maps. Feel free to explore at the attached link.

Useful Functions

The county’s GIS is a great tool to run a quick search on several items. You can look up property owners, addresses, and tax parcel numbers. You can view any existing property surveys that are attached to a property. You can view zoning and voting districts. All of the information is linked to the county’s auditor site for additional property information.

Future Possibilities

There has also been discussion on the subject of integrating the GIS with local emergency responders like the Police and Fire Departments. This capability might enable a responder to have access to additional information that was previously unavailable.


Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Engineering Department at:
Municipal Building
728 Second St.
Room 25
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Ph: (740) 354-7557
Fx: (740) 354-5383

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