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2nd Ward Councilwoman

Charlotte Gordon

Phone: (614) 378-5685

Charlotte Gordon, Second Ward
I am currently serving as the Artistic Director of the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center, and have opened my personal art making studio, Gallia Street Studio, to the public. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art from Tulane University’s Newcomb College of Art, and a Master of Art in Museum Studies from Southern University of New Orleans. Studying the impact of art and museums on communities and as tools for economic growth, my approach to my Second Ward Council appointment is based on community building. Community is a space for everyone, celebrating our diversity and strength, and building something that is larger than any one person.
It is an exciting time to serve Portsmouth and see the growth all around us, and to work with a Council that is looking forward and working together to create a space where every voice is heard and represented.


Community Relations
Growth & Development
Culture & Diversity


Charlotte has worked to meet and better understand the needs of each neighborhood in the city.


Technology & innovation has enabled us to do business anywhere in the world from Portsmouth Ohio combining it with a lifestyle city is a recipe for success.

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Terry O.

Our secret sauce is the combination of small town relationships and big city technology.

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