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Scioto Historical Tours

Scioto Historical Tours


Scioto Historical is an educational mobile app and website that puts the history of Portsmouth, Ohio, and the surrounding Appalachian region at your fingertips. Learn about American and local history through map-based, interactive, multimedia presentations and experience professionally curated virtual historical tours on your laptop, tablet, or on a screen in your classroom. With its free mobile app, Scioto Historical can guide you to historical locations and augment any walking or driving tour.

First launched in June, 2013, Scioto Historical is edited by Andrew Feight, Ph.D., Professor of American History at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. As a digital humanities and public history project, Scioto Historical seeks to transform how American and local history is studied, taught, and preserved in the digital age.

Focused on the counties of Scioto, Adams, Pike, and Lawrence in southern Ohio, the project’s field of study also includes parts of Northeastern Kentucky (Lewis and Greenup counties).

In partnership with area scholars, students, artists, and local cultural organizations, the project facilitates undergraduate digital research, while preserving the region’s history and advancing the practice of digital arts and humanities in southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky.

Scioto Historical is brought to you, in part, thanks to the support of Shawnee State University’s Department of Social Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, Clark Memorial Library, and Office of the Provost. Additional funds, which helped launch and support the project, were generously donated by the Scioto Foundation, the Ohio History Service Corps (AmeriCorps), and the Shawnee State University Development Foundation.

Special thanks go to Michael Barnhart for additional audio and video design, Liz Blevins for her assistance with graphic design and public relations, Herb Roe for his series of Scioto Historical oil paintings, and Janet Feight for her editorial assistance.


As a work-in-progress, new content and revisions are always under development and in production. Scioto Historical encourages submissions and we are always seeking rare historic images and reminiscences, as well as content partners and sponsors to add more stories and tours to the app and website. Email our editor, Prof. Andrew Feight ( to see how you can help!

Scioto Historical  is available for free in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Android App Market.

Scioto Historical is powered by Curatescape, a mobile framework for the Omeka archival content management system.

Scioto Historical is a free app that puts the history of Ohio’s Scioto Valley at your fingertips.

Developed by Shawnee State University’s Digital History Lab, Scioto Historical lets you explore the people, places, and moments that have shaped the history of Ohio’s Scioto Valley.

With a growing list of interpretive stories, each point on the interactive GPS-enabled map includes historical information about the location, along with historic images from archival collections and historical publications.

You can find more information about the history of the Scioto Valley by visiting the project website at


Frontier Conflict in the Scioto Valley

8 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D.

Covering the years 1730 through the War of 1812, this tour explores the history of Native American efforts to defend their homeland, first, from the encroachments of the French and English colonial empires, and, second, from those of the new American…

Saving Shawnee Forest

13 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D.

Explore the History of “Ohio’s Little Smokies.” Full of salt licks, the rugged hills and narrow creek bottoms of Shawnee Forest have long made it a popular hunting ground. The Moundbuilders and Shawnee of old, as well as the descendants of American…

The CCC in Ohio’s Little Smokies

11 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Feight, Ph.D.

The 1930s mark one of the most important decades in Shawnee State Forest’s history. With unemployment rates as high as 25% nationally, and even higher in some cities, the Great Depression provided the impetus for a major expansion of state-owned…

Portsmouth’s Floodwall Murals

12 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D.

Explore the history depicted in Portsmouth’s famous floodwall murals. This tour covers some 2,000 years of history at the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers, from the ancient Adena and Hopewell to the workers at Williams Shoe factory in…

Settling the Scioto Valley

10 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Feight, Ph.D.

Southern Ohio, in the minds of many Americans, was part of a larger “Promised Land,” whose settlement followed quickly on the heels of the United States’ victory over the alliance of Indian nations at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. The…

Along the Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail

12 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D.

Explore points of interest along Ohio’s Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail. In 2007, the Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail became part of Ohio’s Scenic By-Ways program. Explore some of the trail’s many points of interest as you drive through the Appalachian…

Abolitionists & the Underground Railroad

7 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Feight, Ph.D.

The sectional conflict between the slave states of the South and the free states and territories of the North deeply shaped the history of southern Ohio. Antislavery southerners and northerners were drawn to the region because of its ban on slavery.…

Ackerman’s Bicentennial Portsmouth

12 Locations ~ Curated by Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D.

This tour of historic photos from the famed Carl Ackerman Collection celebrates the City of Portsmouth’s Bicentennial. Beginning in the fall of 2014 and stretching through the spring of 2015, Portsmouth residents will celebrate the 200th anniversary…


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