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14th Street Community Center

14th Street Community Center

An historically African-American Community Center, our mission has evolved to bear witness to the diversity and richness of the entire American Community, with special emphasis on serving the economically disadvantaged residents and at-risk youth of Portsmouth, Ohio and its surrounding communities so that they can succeed academically and professionally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create strong, vibrant communities that foster creativity, inclusion and compassion.

Our History

We began in the minds and hearts of caring individuals and it is out of their convictions, ideas and tenacity that our mission unfolds. The 14th Street Community Center was built at the request of concerned residents in the 1940s. It’s purpose at the time was to provide recreational opportunities for children residing within the Farley Square Housing Project. The 14th Street Community Center was founded in 1942 and is located in the heart of the African American community in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Today, the Center serves more than 1200 individuals from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods by offering free educational and recreational programs and is actively working to extend our operations to our 17th Street Learning Annex, where completed renovations will allow us to serve the Kendall Heights Housing Complex and surrounding community.

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