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The Administrative Assistant to the City Manager


Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
Email –

728 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH  45662

Ph: (740) 354-8807

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
  • Provides administrative support to the City Manager by ensuring schedules, records control and office services, assisting the City Manager in the daily operational duties of the City.
  • Prepares documents and legal notices for all formal bids for departmental purchases.
  • Types correspondence and files information which is often confidential in nature.
  • Prepares memorandum, reports and maintains records for governmental reports.
  • Prepares purchase orders and maintains accurate records of appropriation expenditures for Executive Office; orders supplies for office and storeroom.
  • Responds to telephone callers using knowledge of City policies and procedures.
  • Maintain effective communications and act as public relations liaison with several governmental agencies, community organizations, media outlets, and the general public
  • Draft correspondence to a diverse constituency
  • Develop directives for City administrators, elected officials, and other organizational entities
  • Implement and administer employee safety programming and monitor adherence to OSHA policies and procedures
  • Make scheduled public appearances to represent City interests
  • Assisting Department Directors with all personnel issues
  • Overseeing compliance with federal, state and local employment regulations
  • Implementing training and development programs
  • Implementing City personnel policies and procedures
  • Assists City Manager with negotiating bargaining unit contracts