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November Ballot – Charter Change Request to add City Council to Health Insurance

Proposed Charter Amendment City of Portsmouth – A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall the Charter of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio be amended as follows:

  1. Shall Section 6 of the Charter be amended to read:


Each member of the Council shall receive a salary of five thousand ($5,000) a year, provided that the member selected to serve as Mayor shall receive a salary of six thousand dollars ($6,000) per year, which salary shall be payable in equal monthly installments, and shall give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), with some bonding company regularly accredited to do business in the state of Ohio, or at least two freeholders resident of Scioto County, Ohio as sureties thereof, and the premium of such bond may be paid by the City. Council members and the President of Council/Mayor shall be entitled to participate in any City sponsored health insurance plan provided each member pay 100% of the cost of the coverage provided at the same premium rate as the average of the three largest unions. Council members are not eligible for any renumeration for not joining the plan. The salary for members of Council and President of Council/Mayor shall increase by the average of the percentage increase provided and the department heads of the City’s two largest departments, the Fire Department and Police Department, whenever such may occur.

⸋  For the Charter Amendment

⸋ Against the Charter Amendment