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In the Richards Gallery Alison Weld: Soprano

Southern Ohio Museum Center 825 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, OH

While these expressive canvases celebrate, mark-making, pattern, color, and movement, they are loaded with meaning. This body of work addresses the feminine: identity, purity, and domesticity with full emotion. This exhibition of fifteen pieces is a gift from the artist to the permanent collection.  

Food Justice: Growing A Healthy Community

Southern Ohio Museum Center 825 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, OH

  Food security is among the most basic of human needs, but contemporary issues preventing equitable access to food are extremely complex. This exhibition critically explores the issues that can shape and influence positive change in food security. You will see, feel, and understand the issues of food insecurity in new and meaningful ways, and […]

Cream of the Crop Juried Exhibition

Open to artists living within 85 miles of Portsmouth working in every medium, this juried exhibition is a chance to see the breadth and depth of regional artists. Attracting close to one hundred creators, and with every piece for sale, it is an opportunity to become an art patron and bring a piece home.

Christopher Pekoc

This Cleveland based artist is known for his experimental work, missed media collages. This pieces are powerful constructions that contain drawing, paintings, photographic elements, and stitched polyvinyl film. They are at once arresting, unsettling, and compelling.

The Patterns of Love: The Work of Sumiko and Kaname Takada

Southern Ohio Museum Center 825 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, OH

Husband and wife artists Sumiko and Kaname Takada share a life in clay. Each, in very different ways, explores the intricacies of complex geometric designs integrated into, and onto, elegant vessel forms; she inlays colored clays into carved designs while he layers glazes in complex geometric patterns over the surface.